We investigate the fundamental properties of topological states observed in 2D materials, either as an intrinsic property or driven by an external field. We combine innovative sample fabrication techniques with low temperatures electronic transport measurements to understand the physical origin and how to control topological phases. Our research activities focus in two main axes:

Quantum Hall effect in graphene

Quantum Hall effect in graphene

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Topological spin and valley currents

Topological spin and valley currents

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Welcome Maelle Kapfer, new postdoc of Phynano!

April 2024

Congratulations Yuanzhuo Hong!!

for defending succesfully his PhD thesis

April 2024

Non-identical moire twins in Bilayer graphene, it's online!

December 2023

Our new AFM Park Fx40 is installed and working!

October 2023

Welcome Jorge Vallejo-Bustamante, new postdoc of the group!

March 2023

Congratulations to our interns Gaia Maffione, Mario Di Luca and Lucas Tsunaki for finishing their master internships!

July 2022

Our new pre-print is online!


Have a look!

July 2022