Welcome to PHYNANO!

The group PHYsics and technology of NANOstructures and quantum systems gathers research teams that explore the condensed-matter physics at very small scale, from the most fundamental aspects to applications.



We welcome to Ivana Petkovic (QPC) and Jorge Vallejo-Bustamante (Topo2D), new postdocs of Phynano!

March 2023

Frédéric Pierre (QPC) received the prestigious silver medal from CNRS. 

Congratulations Frédéric!

April 2022

A new postodoctoral position is open in the team Topo2D!

March 2022

Olivier Maillet (post-doc, QPC) obtained a permanent researcher position in the Nanoelectronics group (SPEC, CEA-Saclay). Bravo Olivier!

February 2022

Rebeca Ribeiro-Palau received the prize Ernest Déchelle of the Académie des Sciences. Congratulations Rebeca!

December 2021

Congratulations to Anne Anthore (QPC) for her promotion to Professor!

May 2021