Welcome to PHYNANO!

The group PHYsics and technology of NANOstructures gathers several frequently interacting research teams that explore the condensed-matter physics at very small scale, from the most fundamental aspects to applications.



Congratulations to Frederic Pierre du PHYNANO on obtaining the Madame Victor Noury award of the French Science Academy

Invited talk at 13th Workshop on Low Temperatures Electronics (WOLTE-13):

Ultra-low noise and low-temperature readout electronics based on cryoHEMTs made at C2N: performance and applications
by Yong Jin

Tuesday September 11th, Sorrento, Italy

Our latest work is now available in Science!

Twistable electronics with dynamically rotatable heterostructures

Invited talk at the van der Waals heterostructures mini-colloque of the JMC:

Twistable electronics with dynamically rotatable structures

Tuesday August 28th, Grenoble