Welcome to PHYNANO!

The group PHYsics and technology of NANOstructures and quantum systems gathers research teams that explore the condensed-matter physics at very small scale, from the most fundamental aspects to applications.


Welcome Maelle Kapfer, new postdoc of Phynano!

April 2024

Congratulations Yuanzhuo Hong!!

for defending succesfully his PhD thesis

April 2024

Our two new Proteox (MA and MD) are up and running!

Thanks a lot to Jefferson Martin, Stéphanos Aradipiotis, Jacob Bunn, Daniel Cox, Colin Rose and Brandon Andrews for the excellent work!

August 2023

JUICE took off! inside of it you will find components made proudly at C2N!

Congratulations to Yong JIN, Antonella CAVANNA, Laurent COURAUD and Lina GATILOVA, who greatly contributed to their fabrication at the C2N's technological Central!

April 2023

We welcome to Ivana Petkovic (QPC) and Jorge Vallejo-Bustamante (Topo2D), new postdocs of Phynano!

March 2023