Frédéric PIERRE

Principal investigator of the team Quantum Physics in Circuits (QPC)

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+33 1 70 27 06 90

Scientific ID/CV

CNRS research director
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- Mesoscopic physics, strongly-correlated electron phenomena, quantum transport of electricity and heat.
- Nanoscale devices, semiconductor-based 2D electron gas, few-quantum channel circuits.
- Ultra-low temperatures, ultra-sensitive electrical and noise measurements.

Field of research

The team investigates experimentally a broad spectrum of fundamental physics in electrical quantum circuits, from correlated electronic matter to quantum transport down to the most elementary level of the single conduction channel.

Current lines of research

- Heat quantum transport
- Many-body quantum physics

Technical achievements

- Lowest electron temperature in small quantum circuits (6 mK).
- Highest current noise resolution reported in mesoscopic physics (5 10-32 A2/Hz).

Publications in high-impact journals

- Macroscopic electron quantum coherence in a solid-state circuit
  H. Duprez, E. Sivre, A. Anthore, A. Aassime, A. Cavanna, A. Ouerghi, U. Gennser, and F. Pierre
  Phys. Rev. X 9, 021030 (2019)
- Circuit quantum simulation of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid with an impurity
  A. Anthore, Z. Iftikhar, E. Boulat, F.D. Parmentier, A. Cavanna, A. Ouerghi, U. Gennser, F. Pierre
  Phys. Rev. X 8, 031075 (2018)
- Tunable quantum criticality and super-ballistic transport in a 'charge' Kondo circuit
  Z. Iftikhar, A. Anthore, A.K. Mitchell, F.D. Parmentier, U. Gennser, A. Ouerghi, A. Cavanna, C. Mora, P. Simon, F. Pierre
  Science 360, 1315 (2018)
- Heat Coulomb blockade of one ballistic channel
  E. Sivre, A. Anthore, F.D. Parmentier, A. Cavanna, U. Gennser, A. Ouerghi, Y. Jin, F. Pierre
  Nature Physics 8, 145 (2018)
- Primary thermometry triad at 6 mK in mesoscopic circuits
  Z. Iftikhar, A. Anthore, S. Jezouin, F.D. Parmentier, Y. Jin, A. Cavanna, A. Ouerghi, U. Gennser, F. Pierre
  Nature Communications 7, 12908 (2016)
- Controlling charge quantization with quantum fluctuations
  S. Jezouin, Z. Iftikhar, A. Anthore, F.D. Parmentier, U. Gennser, A. Cavanna, A. Ouerghi, I.P. Levkivskyi, E. Idrisov, E.V. Sukhorukov, L.I. Glazman, F. Pierre
  Nature 536, 58 (2016)
- Two-channel Kondo effect and renormalization flow with macroscopic quantum charge states
  Z. Iftikhar, S. Jezouin, A. Anthore, U. Gennser, F.D. Parmentier, A. Cavanna, F. Pierre
  Nature 526, 233 (2015)
- Quantum limit of heat flow across a single electronic channel
  S. Jezouin, F.D. Parmentier, A. Anthore, U. Gennser, A. Cavanna, Y. Jin, F. Pierre
  Science 342, 601 (2013)
- Tomonaga-Luttinger physics in electronic quantum circuits
  S. Jezouin, M. Albert, F.D. Parmentier, A. Anthore, U. Gennser, A. Cavanna, I. Safi, F. Pierre
  Nature Communications 4, 1802 (2013)
- Strong back-action of a linear circuit on a single electronic quantum channel
  F.D. Parmentier, A. Anthore, S. Jezouin, H. le Sueur, U. Gennser, A. Cavanna, D. Mailly, F. Pierre
  Nature Physics 7, 935 (2011)
- Non-equilibrium edge channel spectroscopy in the integer quantum Hall regime
  C. Altimiras, H. le Sueur, U. Gennser, A. Cavanna, D. Mailly, F. Pierre
  Nature Physics 6, 34 (2010)